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Bakliyat Salad

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A salad recipe that includes all food groups, especially for those who are hearty and diet.

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Ingredients  - by MM Food Club - From Mediterranean Kitchen

½ Cup Chicpea

½ Cup Green Lentils

½ Cup Mexican Bean

½ Cup Black Eyed Peas

4 Green Onion

½ Cup Dill

2 Glove Garlic

1/3 Cup Olive Oil

Salt, Lemon Juice, Dry Mint

Directions  - by MM Food Club - From Mediterranean Kitchen

- First if you use pulses cans wash every think separate and mix it in bowl.

- If you are not using canned, nuts, pipes, and soak the already Mexico's bean a night the next day you should not cook separate separately. Do not cook them all at once because the different times in which pulses can be crushed dirty jeans can get an image.

- On the other hand dill, garlic, spices and green onions chopped the lemon juice over the salad mix or hold then you can service.

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